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About Semsey Academy

The Semsey Academy is committed to providing professional and globally competitive training courses in Cosmetics and Personal care vocations. We offer detailed online courses, practical face to face interactive classes across various cities in Nigeria and also at our manufacturing facility and training location in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our academy is set up in a bespoke-learning enviroment for those wishing to pursue their interests in the skincare arts, taught by professional and very experienced tutors.

We are on a growth sprint with focus to

  • Teach professionally the ‘Science’ and ‘Art’ of cosmetics science and all other skincare / personal care crafts.
  • Develop and support trusted and quality focused cosmetics products manufacturers.
  • Become the Number 1 cosmetics and personal care vocational academy in Nigeria and West Africa.

Our Courses

Our courses are both theoretical and practical, ensuring you learn the basics and we set you on a pedestal to define your craft. We are a do-it- yourself class, ensuring that complete learning take place. You will leave with several sample products you will create by yourself, a new energy to charge, the confidence you need, ideas for life and lots more.

Available Certificate Courses

  1. Basic Cosmetics Formulation
  2. Advanced Cosmetics Formulation
  3. Basic Soap making
  4. Professional Soap making
  5. Know your Cosmetics RAW Materials